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    Joe Lubin's Thoughts on Libra

    **TLDR: Facebook’s cryptocurrency is a centralized wolf in decentralized sheep’s clothing** Facebook’s [Libra whitepaper introduction]( reads like an epiphany many of us had when we first learned about bitcoin. “Sending money across the globe should be as...
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    Pictures and videos have been malfunctioning on Facebook for hours. Will Libra be easier to run ?

    Facebook and WhatsApp have been having problems today with pictures and videos and it's already affecting hundreds of millions of users at the moment. How can we trust the same company to run a cryptocurrency system that should be accessible worldwide 24/7 and offer instant payments ? Smh..
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    Uber, Visa, PayPal and Mastercard among big investors in Facebook’s blockchain project "Libra" (video)

    It’s called Venmo or Zelle. Banks like zelle because it’s a cheaper rate on the transfers.
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    Writing an Article on Facebook's Libra - Need your Input

    Libra will become a household name , unfortunately .
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    How the Facebook Libra announcement affected shares of Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal and Square

    That is correct. While it is a cryptocurrency with a high focus on security. It will be actually backed by a (fiat) monetary reserve to ensure it’s stable.
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    Credit where credit is due: Facebook's Libra

    I'm with you mate. It's unbelievable. Someone is releasing a coin that is stable and provides access to financial infrastructure and sound money to 2.3 billion people, many of which have access to neither, how is this a bad thing? I'm beginning to think these communities have no idea why...
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    Facebook's Libra Will Do For Blockchain What America Online Did for the Internet

    Blockchain has been compared to the internet in 1995 for as long as I care to remember. Well, Facebook's Libra coin represents a move toward the late 90's. The internet in 1995 was immature, the web/html was just beginning to spread, adding attractive graphics and GUI UX's to what had previous...
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    Facebook's libra will have smart contracts... What does this mean for ethereum?

    No, the database will be public and available to everyone. Expect public transaction explorers similar to what we have for other public blockchain networks. Just the 100 validators will be able to add transactions to it of course.
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    Facebook's libra will have smart contracts... What does this mean for ethereum?

    Good points, however, the illusion of decentralization will only hold until transactions are censured for violating terms and conditions. For example, donating to Wikileaks or Alex Jones. So most likely this libra would also work as an onramp for Ethereum when Ethereum scales of course.
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    Is there anyway to buy into the new facebook Calibra?

    Then why is there a price right now then?
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    Writing an Article on Facebook's Libra - Need your Input

    how would OMG not disrupt the economy given what it entails? literally giving financial services to millions or even billions who previously did not
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    Weekly Post Promotion Thread! June 16, 2019

    # Welcome to the Weekly Post Promotion Thread! June 16, 2019 Are you looking to get a wider audience for your Steemit post? Well, this is your chance! **Before participating here to grow your audience, please follow these rules.** - You must write a small blurb describing what your post is...
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    How do I use Calibra?

    How do I use Calibra?

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